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7 Things NOT To Do in an Interview

Everyone is aware that a job interview is your one first shot at getting your foot in the door at a great company that you would love to work for. Here are a few things to avoid in your next interview to increase your chances.

1. Arrive late

This is something that can ruin your first impression before you’ve even had a chance to day hello. You haven’t even walked through the door yet and they may already be irritated. There is no excuse for arriving late to a job interview; set off early, do dry tuns the week before, anything to ensure you won’t be keeping the interviewer waiting.

2. Dress inappropriately

Even if you know the place is generally casual, it doesn’t hurt to turn up looking like you’ve made an effort. Avoid wearing accessories like hats or sunglasses, and walk in looking like someone you would employ. A shirt and trousers can go a long way.

3. Talk about the rewards too much

This should be saved for when the job offer has been made. Ideally, they will know what sort of package you’re after on the day of the interview, so if they feel they would like to offer you the job they already know what they should be paying. They already have a rough idea of what they would like to pay, but the interview is not the time to discuss this.

4. Talk badly about a previous employer

Heading into an interview just to spend the conversation slating your old manager is not likely to give them a good impression of what you’re like as an employee. Yes, maybe your old boss was stuck-up, non-empathetic and a complete tyrant, but they don’t need to know this. They need to know how you can handle different people and situations, and what benefits you provided your previous companies and benefits you walked away with.

5. Lie about your experience/qualifications

Personally, I can’t see how this could ever be a good idea. If you have found yourself in an interview where you feel you have to lie about your experience to get the job, you will only be wasting your time, as well as theirs. The job clearly isn’t right for you and this would certainly come to light once you start the job. You would come unstuck pretty quickly.

6. Arrive unprepared

At the very least, you should have a decent idea of the company history and background. A quick Google search is all it takes to ensure you don’t appear clueless about the company you’re trying to work for. And, it means the interviewer doesn’t have to spend time telling you about the company. You can get straight into business!

7. Not have at least 1 question

When the interviewer says ‘Is there anything more you’d like to know?’ at the end of an interview, they are basically saying ‘Ask me something’. This is your chance to show them that you are inquisitive, enthusiastic and want to hear more about the company. If it comes to the end of the interview and you say ‘nope, no more questions thanks’, you may seem a little less interested in the position than you would if you said something like ‘what are the business targets for the next year?’ or something like that.

So hopefully if you keep these in mind and try to avoid these errors, you will be maximising your chances of landing that next dream role.

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